Interior paneling planks

In S.P. “Nestrėvaitis” warehouse You can always purchase properly packaged and ready to be transported fir or pinewood interior paneling planks.

We will cut out our production exactly by Your measurements, regardless of what dimensions you need. We have our standards, but the client needs are above all! Sawn wood, depending on the nature of the use, is available in various different lengths. We suggest you choose the most suitable for You! It really saves Your time and MONEY!

Interior paneling planks

Interior paneling planks

Wooden interior paneling planks are high quality, because pine and fir wood is firstly carefully selected and when processed in the lumber mill. Both – exterior and interior paneling planks are reliable and meets the quality standards. Interior paneling planks has an esthetic look and are durable, because various resin deposits, branch holes, inappropriately colored, dingy or damaged by insects spots are not allowed.

You can choose the wood for interior paneling planks from northern fir and pine. All planks are paneled, also, longitudinal rings are cut on the back side of the product. They reduces deformation, occurring due to internal tension of the wood..

From a long time ago it is favoured to use wood for interior decorating, these days interior paneling planks just became popular. They are used to decorate walls, ceilings, lofts, because it is most natural material! It is not only ecological, but also creates a pleasant surrounding and warmth as well as regulates the humidity of the air in the room.

Interior paneling planks

Most popular sizes of interior paneling planks in our range of products:

# Type Type of wood The cross-section mm
1 STP Fir/Pine 12×96 / 14×120
2 STV Fir/Pine 12×96 / 14×120 / 21×120
3 STK Fir/Pine 14×120

If required by client we can saw by other measurements.


High quality interior paneling planks and other sawn wood products can be delivered anywhere in Lithuania. We deliver our products and unload them at the address given: in your yard, construction site, or any location which is convenient for You. In one run when can transport from 1m3 to 40 m3 dried, freshly cut or impregnated by deep vacuum wood.

Production delivery by company transport costs extra, depending on distance traveled and amount of production ordered.