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SP “Nestrevaitis“ provides wood planks, wood blanks and wood packing impregnation services. We’re selling deep impregnated wood.

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High-quality deep impregnated wood and other sawn wood products can be delivered to any place in Lithuania. We deliver our products and unload them at the address given: in your yard, construction site, or any location which is convenient for You. In one run when can transport from 1m3 to 40 m3 dried, freshly cut or impregnated by deep vacuum wood.

The delivery of the products with company’s transport costs extra, depending on the distance and

Our extensive experience ensures qualified consumer services and guarantees high quality products.@

Impregnated wood

Impregnated wood by deep vacuum can remain unchanged for 15 or more years, even in constant contact with the ground and water. Deep vacuum impregnation is widely used for: fencing elements, bridges, terraces, roof constructions. It is the best way to prolong the longevity of the wood. Impregnant penetrates deep into soft, vulnerable wood tissues and protects them from the external effects.

Processing equipment consists of a high-pressure cylinder (autoclave) and the tank, used for mixing and storing chemical solution, which will be used in the process. Impregnation process goes as follows:


1. Wood is stored into high-pressure cylinder (autoclave).

2. Air is removed from the cylinder. This creates a negative pressure required for the wood cells (pores) to open.

3. After reaching required pressure, chemical used for processing is injected into high-pressure cylinder (autoclave).

4. When the cylinder is filled, high-pressure pump raises the pressure to required level (about 12 bar.). This pressure is needed in order that impregnation solution saturates deep into the wood.

5. When the desired impregnation is reached, solution is pumped back into the tank used to store the chemicals.

6. When the cylinder gets empty vacuum is re-created. This process closes the wood cells and removes the excess of the chemical solution.

Then the impregnation process is completed and wood can be taken out. After that wood is dried in drying room, or stored in a shelter for a few days, so the active impregnation material fixates in the wood.

Impregnation process takes up to 4 hours, depending on selected type of impregnation, and depending on the type of wood, its measurements and humidity. This process can be performed manually, but in modern equipment it is controlled automatically.

Desired impregnating cycle is programmed by a computer. Computer sends the information to electrical systems when to turn on and off the pump, when to open and close the valves.

Wood impregnated by deep vacuum in “S.P. Nestrėvaitis” company meets  all the requirements.

Wood impregnation

Risk classes defines where the wood will be used:

1st. class.  Wood, located in a dry environment.

2nd. class. Located under the roof.

3rd. class.  Located outdoors, but not contacting the ground.

4th. class.  Direct contact with the ground or fresh water.

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Timber for roofs

Roof – one of the most important structural and architectural part of the building. Its main purpose – to protect the structure from atmospheric precipitation, sun, changes in the temperature, wind and noise.

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